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Is Tech Review Becoming Biased?

Is Tech Review Becoming Biased?
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I don’t know about you but I don’t like fan boys. They annoy me as they have no complete knowledge of technology, and frankly they are childish because they fight and argue over a piece of plastic/metal that helps them post selfies on Instagram. Yeah its sad. Now I am not the type of person to bash another persons work or speak negatively about someone’s video. Honestly though, The Verge is a big boy tech review company and I think they can handle this one. Earlier today we saw Google FINALLY release the Nexus 5 and along with that The Verge did a hands on video that you can view below.

After watching this video my jaw dropped. Seriously? Android devices don’t have good cameras? Android devices are known for lag?? First off let me point out that I have used both iOS and Android as my daily drivers and I can confidently state that this was a completely biased video. Honestly in the first place why is a so called tech reviewer giving his review or thoughts on a device he has maybe only used for only 2 hours? A hands on video is meant to get consumers closer to the product itself and not for you to express your personal opinions on a OS and device you clearly don’t like and most likely haven’t even used. Now personally I know its not easy reviewing technology, at the same time there is no room I feel for companies such as The Verge, CNET, Engadget, and etc to have biased videos such as these. Someone who is just getting into technology might bump into this video and come to the conclusion that Android devices are nothing but laggy, bad picture taking devices that they shouldn’t buy. Biased reviews like this lead to fanboys and half of the arguments we see in the famous YouTube comments section, or as I like to call it The Hunger Games.  Now I want to state I have always appreciated the work everyone has done over at The Verge. I mean no harm and wish them well in their future growth. But I would like to know what are your thoughts on this hands on video by The Verge? Is this the first time you have seen a Tech review company get bias on you? Leave a comment below!

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