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KitKat Could Be Bringing Tons Of New Treats Along With It

KitKat Could Be Bringing Tons Of New Treats Along With It

If the rumors are true, Google could be announcing Android 4.4 KitKat in a matter of hours. According to new reports and leaks, the new update will conquer some of the biggest problems that the platform has had over the years. Here’s a quick breakdown of the possible changes. 

Better NFC Support

KitKat could possibly be bringing better support for NFC and in the way it operates. Instead of relying on a secure element to store sensitive details, the OS will be able to emulate that information in a better way. This is actually a pretty big deal since Google Wallet has not been able to be used on many phones due to the lack of secure element in the NFC chip. From leaks, the Nexus 5 lacks a secure element in it’s NFC chip, just like the 2013 Nexus 7. This may also help Google get around the carrier blockage of the service.

Better Memory Management

Android fragmentation has always been a topic of discussion and while it has been improving, is still a problem. The reason for the fragmentation is that the lower-end Android phones that shipped with Froyo or Gingerbread simply can’t handle the newer versions of the software.  Android 4.4 will reportedly bring tools that allow developers to make their apps more optimized for low-end devices. The update may also optimize memory usage on the less powerful handsets. 

More Sensor Support

Leaked materials have also stated that KitKat will bring support for more sensors. These could include step counters and geomagnetic rotation vector sensors. These sound like something that you might see in a smartwatch. Obviously these features will require the hardware to match.

IR Blasters And Improved Bluetooth

While popular smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 have IR Blasters for controlling your TV, Android has not had native support for the feature. According to the leaked materials, KitKat will bring native support to Android. Google is also said to be building Bluetooth HIT over GATT and Bluetooth Message Access Profiles into KitKat. This could mean that Android will have easy connection to devices such as in-car entertainments systems, joysticks, and more.

Hopefully we will (finally) find out what KitKat has in store very soon. I suggest not sleeping tonight. 


Via: Android Police 


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