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Apple iWatch Concept Shows Off The Possible Future And It Looks Amazing

Apple iWatch Concept Shows Off The Possible Future And It Looks Amazing

Student Thomas Bogner has designed an amazing iWatch concept with design elements from the Nike+ Fuelband. In an interview with Mashable , Thomas said that “This concept was clearly inspired due to the experience with the Nike+ Fuelbands. I just fell in love with the form factor.” He also said that “What I was missing in all those iWatch mockups to date, they never felt ‘Apple-like’ and ‘unisex.’ If my girlfriend wouldn’t wear, but I would — it’s basically not Apple. For me, personally, the iPod click wheel was one of the most stunning implementations of UI in a consumer device; that’s probably the reason why I wanted the Interface to ‘rotate’ around a wrist.” 

If this device comes to reality with this design it will obviously use the new curved display and flexible battery technology that is currently under development. This would mean that Apple would have to get the technology from Samsung and LG, something that I would be surprised to see right now. 

 The animation up above shows the device scrolling through different things an iWatch might do such as music control, iMessages, Siri, and of course the time. The device definitely looks like something Apple might make too. Granted Apple hasn’t even hinted at making a smartwatch, it would be interesting to see if they do unveil one at their event their upcoming event.


Via: Mashable 

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