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Nexus 5 Play Store Leak Shows Off KitKat

Nexus 5 Play Store Leak Shows Off KitKat

As I’m sure you are well aware, the Nexus 5 is now official after making a brief first appearance in the Google Play store. Google quickly removed this from public view, but not before we were able to grab an official picture of the device. While this confirms many of the rumors about the Nexus 5, it also reveals several rumors about the upcoming Android KitKat update and it’s very translucent theme.

1. We see lots of transparency. Similar to the Moto X, KitKat has transparent on-screen navigation keys. We also see a transparent notification bar. Rumors have previously stated that the navigation keys will only be transparent when on the home screen, but we will have to wait for an announcement to see whether or not that will be true. 

2. Next we see that the blue accents are indeed gone. If you take a look at the top right where the clock and battery indicator are, you will notice that these are now in white. I have actually been using this on my Galaxy Nexus for the past few days and I can see why Google choose to replace the colors. 

3. We see that a few stock icons have changed. The most notable is probably the dock icon. Currently this icon is made up of a circular line with a grid of six square dots inside. This has been updated to have a grid of six circular dots with a translucent circle behind them. We also see an updated Camera icon leading me to believe that we will see a few major changes to the camera app. Another notable change is that the Phone icon has been redesigned. It now has a flattened design with a slightly different shape. Yet another thing that has changed in the background of folders. Instead of a “Holo Dark” background we see a translucent circle behind the icons. 

4. The dock separator is also gone and has been replaced by six circular dots that indicate that we may see expandable pages in the stock Android launcher, rumored to be called “Google Experience”.

5. Hangouts is now the default SMS app. The replacement of the familar texting app icon tells us that Hangouts will receive SMS support very soon. 

That’s all we noticed in this picture. If you see anything else let us know in the comments! 

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