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Verizon Begins Rolling Out An Even Faster LTE Network

Verizon Begins Rolling Out An Even Faster LTE Network

With the U.S. service market becoming more and more competitive, the major carriers keep trying to get one-step ahead of the other. Verizon is the latest and possibly the greatest with their new double-wide LTE network increase. Sighting of the network in use have appeared in major markets such as Chicago and Los Angeles, but now they have been spotted in New York City. A tester for the network used the Speedtest app for iPhone and was able to reach an impressive 80 Mbps download speed along with a 15 Mbps upload speed. To put that in perspective, AT&T has an average download speed on only 16.7 Mbps with a maximum of 75. This new network allows Verizon to have speeds capable of as high as 150 Mbps download speed. Keep in mind though that as more people begin using this new network, speeds are bound to decrease a small amount. It is also only compatible with certain devices, some requiring an OTA update. There is no word on when this new network will be available for more users, but Verizon is definitely giving other carriers something to worry about.


Via: AndroidCommunity 

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