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Is Google’s Smartwatch On The Horizon?

Is Google’s Smartwatch On The Horizon?

With Samsung’s horrible attempt at a smartwatch not going too well, is it still worth it for companies like Google and Apple to make a smartwatch? Well, it looks like Google is saying yes. According to rumors, not only will Google’s smartwatch be coming soon, but it will be different from others out there. Rather than being a mirror of your smartphone, Google’s watch may be more of an assistant. The watch may use Google Now for it’s primary functions. This would be a very nice and different feel to a smartwatch. I personally hope it isn’t limited to only Google Now and can interact with other apps like Google+, Twitter, or maybe Instagram along with many others (Facebook doesn’t deserve it). Battery life will also play a key role in the device since not everyone is going to be willing to charge their watch every night. Another thing the watch will need to concentrate on is price and compatibility. A smartwatch should be compatable with Android phones running Jelly Bean or higher (since it would require Google Now access). I think it would also have to hit a reasonable price point of around $100-$200.

Release dates are completely unknown but I can see the device being announced along with KitKat and the Nexus 5 later this month.

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