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KitKat Leaks In Photos – Brings Several UI Changes

KitKat Leaks In Photos – Brings Several UI Changes

Italian Android news website TuttoAndroid  has gained images of a Nexus 5 running a 4.4 Android KitKat build. The pictures posted on their website reveal several UI changes and much more.

From the lock screen you can immediatly see that the iconic accent color appear to have been phased out and replaced with white. Another notable area is the status bar and navigation bar and that they are now transparent on the lock screen.  

Another picture shows the Android launcher from KitKat and that it has changed as well. The app drawer icon has changed and the line that separated the dock is now gone. The photo also shows a changed Phone icon. The app drawer has also recieved a redesign and now has a transparent background with no widget section. Another notable change is that there is no Messaging app. This may confirm previous rumors that Google might be adding SMS support to the Hangouts app.  

These photos confirm many of the previous rumors but nothing will be 100% until Google makes an announcement. Many rumors have stated that Google will host an event October 15th but no invitation have been sent out yet. 


Pictures Credit to TuttoAndroid 


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