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Why PC Gaming Is Good

Why PC Gaming Is Good

So I’ve recently finished my own PC, and after a few months, I’m hooked. Here’s 5 reasons why PC gaming is marvelousq:

Game Prices

Take a look at Xbox and Playstation games. Notice how expensive they are? A new release on a next-gen console will set you back $60 (£50), whereas on PC you can pick games up on Steam for $30 (£25), and when there’s a sale on you can find games for $20 (£15) and less! Not only that but you can download some games for free, and I’m talking high quality multiplayer games not just demos.

Game Genres

Consoles have a fairly good selection of games, however, you can play even more games on a PC. Strategy, fantasy, FPS, indie, and even old console games such as N64 and Gamecube games through an emulator, you name it and PC has it.


Most PC games have jaw-dropping graphics, and lets face it, they’re way better looking than 8 year old console graphics. If you can afford a good enough graphics card and have a good monitor to go with it, PC games will run at 1080p, 21:9 widescreen, and even 4K Ultra HD.

Community Made Mods

You never see mods on consoles, and you never will. Community made mods can revive games by bringing a fresh new look, adding additional game modes and of course, making the game more fun!

Content creation

If you have built a computer specifically for gaming, the high quality hardware will therefore excel in other fields too, meaning you can do more than just game! This opens the gates to the world of content creation, i.e. video editing, photo editing, making videos blogs and websites etc.

So there you have it – a few reasons why I enjoy PC gaming.

If there’s something you think I missed out let me know in the comments below!


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