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What We Know About The New iPads

What We Know About The New iPads

It’s almost time for the new iPads to release and the rumors mills have been hot. Last year Apple released the iPad 4 with slightly improved specs over the iPad 3 and the new lightning port. The star of that show however, was the iPad Mini. Apple’s smaller tablet has become very popular but the current model is beginning to feel outdated with it’s much lower resolution screen and two-year old A5 chip Let’s go ahead and get together all the current rumors.

First let’s cover what we think we know about the iPad 5. There is a good chance that the next generation of the full-sized iPad will be thinner, lighter, and have a smaller bezel than the current generation. It may also be available in the three colors, Space Gray, Gold, and Silver, similar to the iPhone 5S line. It may be called the iPad 5 but it could be called something different.

With the next generation of the iPad Mini, we know even less. Rumors have stated that the new smaller tablet could be even lighter with a Retina display. It could also come in the same three colors as the iPhone 5S. Some rumors have stated that both iPads could include fingerprint sensors but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

We could see these new iPads as soon as late October. An October 22nd date was leaked for an Apple event. When you’ll be able to buy it could be a different story though. Some reports have stated that the new components in the tablets may delay production pushing the release date into early 2014. 

Take all these with a grain of salt though since nothing will be official until Apple announces it.  

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