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Nexus 5 – Hands On Video Leaked

Nexus 5 – Hands On Video Leaked
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Today a video leaked on YouTube of the Nexus 5. It comes out of SFR, a French telecommunications company. An employee took a 7 minute video of the device and an old KitKat build (at the time still codenamed Key Lime Pie). The device shown looks almost exactly the same to the one leaked in a Google video unveiling the KitKat Android statue. At the time of writing this article the video is still live on YouTube but I don’t expect to be very much longer. You can watch it here.

Now while the device was running an older build of KitKat (at the time still called Key Lime Pie), the video does give us an idea of what to expect in the anticipated Android update. 

Excited for this device now? How do you think it looks? Let me know in the comments! 

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