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4.8″ Display To Come On The iPhone 6?

4.8″ Display To Come On The iPhone 6?

Apple has just released their newest flagship phone, the iPhone 5S. It brings very incremental upgrades from the iPhone 5 including a faster processor, better camera, and fingerprint sensor. Since it’s been a couple weeks without Apple rumors, why not start up again? One analyst has recently stated that the iPhone 6 will include a 4.8″ screen. The new phone is expected to release in 2014. The analyst making these statements however, doesn’t have the most accurate track record, so I would take these rumors with a grain of salt. It does make plenty of sense however that Apple would release an iPhone with a larger screen to capture the market that Samsung has dominated for some time now. We may even see two different iPhone lines, one with a 4-inch display and one with a larger display. 


Via: CultOfMac 

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