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Xbox One’s day-one update takes 15-20 minutes

Xbox One’s day-one update takes 15-20 minutes

For those of you getting the Xbox one day one don’t expect to just plug it in and play around with it right away because the Xbox one will require a Day-one patch, according to Microsoft’s chief platform architect Marc Whitten told IGN. 

Marc Whitten says “We are optimizing Xbox One so that the day-one update is as fast as
possible. While we’re still finalizing the details, we expect that the
download will take between 15 and 20 minutes for most users,”

Although Whitten didn’t clear what the specific purpose of the patch is, though a Microsoft representative said in june that this update will “accommodate the differences between hardware and software manufacturing schedules.”

So now that we know that we will have to wait a few minutes to play around with our Xbox one, we will have time to grab our favorite chair and our favorite junk food and just get comfortable before we mess around with this amazing system! Xbox One launches November 22nd for $500.

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