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It Looks Like The Nexus 5 Is Going To Be A Bigger Powerhouse Than We Thought…

It Looks Like The Nexus 5 Is Going To Be A Bigger Powerhouse Than We Thought…

In the past weeks we have seen several leaks of the Nexus 5 from pictures to FCC information. All of it looks amazing. Until now we haven’t seen any information regarding the phone’s actual performance though. In this latest leak we get a benchmark test of the upcoming Google flagship. Since the past Nexus phone was released, we have seen several releases from Motorola, Apple, Samsung, and even LG that bring on the performance. These manufacturer’s stepped up to the plate and brought incredible phones. We can expect nothing less from the phone that all other Android smartphones should look up to. Leaks say that this phone is definitely going to deliver. In a GFXBench test alongside powerhouses such as the LG G2, HTC One, Galaxy S4, and the current heavyweight champ, the iPhone 5S, the Nexus 5 did remarkably well. The phone beat out the current generation of Android phones and tied with the iPhone 5S. Rumors point to the Nexus 5 packing a Snapdragon 800 processor clocked at 2.3 GHz with an Adreno 330 and a 1080p display. This phone definitely looks like it will be one of the best, if not the best phone on the market upon it’s release. If Google can keep their $300 price point this would be an incredible deal. 

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