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Does Motorola Have A Low Cost Moto X In The Works?

Does Motorola Have A Low Cost Moto X In The Works?

The Moto X didn’t turn out to be the inexpensive off-contract steal we expected, but that doesn’t mean Motorola wasn’t working on a phone to fit the rumored prices. The DVX according to rumors published by PhoneArena  week point to this very inexpensive phone being available through Republic Wireless sometime in October. Since the phone could cost as little as $200 off-contract , Motorola will have to cut a lot of corners with the phone. Most likely it will not be produced in the U.S. and will lack LTE support. You most likely will not have the various customization options that you can get with the Moto X. It wouldn’t be very much of a surprise if this phone came into existence since the CEO of Motorola told CNET  that the company views the Moto X as a new brand rather than a single phone. He also mentioned that we would see new products “over the coming months”.


Via: The Verge 

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