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Did Samsung Just Copy The Gold iPhone?

Did Samsung Just Copy The Gold iPhone?

Samsung is going gold. Sadly that’s not their newest building material, but the newest Galaxy S4 color. Samsung’s Arabian Twitter account posted the picture below introducing that Samsung would be releasing a Gold Edition of their popular smartphone. The picture brings out that this new edition of the S4 says that “Elegance is a touch of Gold”.

Aside from the tweet and these images details are scarce. Nothing points to Samsung making this new edition a worldwide release. It certainly looks like this might only be released in the Middle East. The only thing that makes it seem like it might be worldwide is the timing (iPhone 5S, ahem). 

Interestingly, though, the phone comes with more than just the gold accents. The colors available are unique too. The picture below pictures the phone in a brown and pink model. Aside from colors changes this is still the same Galaxy S4 though. 

Source: Twitter

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