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Top 4 Packaged Apps For Chrome

Top 4 Packaged Apps For Chrome

Chrome packaged apps take a webapp and make it function more like a native desktop program. Unlike traditional webapps, however, Google requires packaged apps to work offline. 

Google designed this system to allow web developers to create desktop app experiences that work across multiple platforms without the need for multiple, more complex code bases. As a result, developers can deliver cross-platform apps pretty easily. Here’s some of the best packaged apps at this time.


Google Hangouts

Even though you can easily access Hangouts from the desktop views of both Google+ and Gmail (along with several other services), the Chrome app for Hangouts make the experience way better. Rather than being in a browser tab, your conversations can float on top of your other windows. On Chrome OS however, your conversations appear in panels that  “attach” to the shelf.

Download Hangouts


This packaged app fills the gap in Any.DO’s services. They have always lacked a good desktop client and this Chrome app is great! The app allows you to add new items with your voice, schedule tasks, and much more.

 Download Any.DO

Google Keep

This packaged apps is one of my favorite. It allows you to access Google’s note-taking service. It pops-up in a windows and looks a lot like the mobile version. It allows you you to create, edit, and delete your notes. 

Download Google Keep 


If you are not familar with Pocket it’s a great article saving tool. You can either use the Pocket Chrome extension or the mobile apps to save content from the web for offline viewing. The offline functionality even works on this Chrome app.  

 Download Pocket

That’s it for our list!  These apps definitely don’t include all available packaged apps, but they are some of the best. Do you use any of these? Let me know in the comments!


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