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OPPO N1 Announced!

OPPO N1 Announced!

At OPPO’s event this morning they announced their new high-end Android phone called the N1. It has several firsts and overall is an impressive device. The most notable of these firsts is that it is the first phone to officially support CyanogenMod since the project went commercial. The handset sports a 5.9 inch, 1080p display with a Snapdragon 600 and 2 GB of RAM. Powering all this is a gigantic 3,610 mAh battery. Another first in the device is that it has a rotating camera. It swivels so it can be used as both the front and rear camera. Coming in at 13 mega-pixels, thats pretty impressive. It also has a dual-flash. The OPPO N1 also has a touch-pad on the back of the phone that allows you to scroll on screen using your finger on the back of the phone. The device will also be available with OPPO’s “Color UI” in addition to CyanogenMod. No U.S. release has been announced at this point. 

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