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Microsoft Releases The Next Generation Of Surface Tablets

Microsoft Releases The Next Generation Of Surface Tablets

Microsoft has announced the second generation of its Surface line. 

The event started with an in-depth look at the Surface Pro 2.Describing it as, “faster than 95 percent of laptops today,” the Surface Pro 2 has been given a 20 percent speed increase, and a 50 percent graphics boost over the original model, all thanks to a new Intel Haswell processor. Microsoft also claims the chip will see a 75 percent increase in battery life. On the rear of the tablet, where the Microsoft logo has been replaced by the word, “Surface,” the kickstand has been given an extra angle, so it now offers two. 

Moving on to the Surface 2 (note the removal of the RT branding) Panay said the next-generation slate is “The revamp people needed.” It’s lighter and faster than before and comes with a 1080p ClearType resolution screen, and will also be available in a fetching silver/white color scheme. Like the Pro 2, the processor speed has been increased, and could run up to four times faster than the Surface RT.

As rumored beforehand, Microsoft has also released several new accessories for the new tablets including the Power Cover. This cover includes a keyboard as well as an external battery. So when can you get your hands on a new Surface tablet? Very soon, as Microsoft will put them up for pre-order on September 24 at 8am EDT through its online store, its Microsoft retail stores, and some third-party stockists. The Surface 2 starts at $450 for the 32gb model and the Surface Pro 2 starts at $900 for the 64gb model.


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