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Screenshots From Google Show A New Android Color Scheme

Screenshots From Google Show A New Android Color Scheme

While we are waiting for an official announcement from Google about KitKat, some screenshots from the Korean Google Play listing of Google Keyboard may have given us a sneak peak. The screenshot, as you can see above, shows a grey notification color scheme along with a Key Lime Pie debug icon. As you all know, Key Lime Pie has been Google’s internal codename for Kit Kat as they get Android 4.4 ready for release. Depending on how recently this screenshot was taken, they still may be running with KLP up until the last possible minute. 

What do we learn from this screenshot? First of all, this may confirm a rumor that you will be able to customize the accent color in Android 4.4. Seeing grey doesn’t necessary confirm this new feature, but I certainly hope Google wouldn’t force a drab black and grey scheme on us without the option to change. Color is a good thing, right? Other than that, not much else can be seen.

Are you looking forward to KitKat? Let me know in the comments! 


Originally Appeared on Droid Life 


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