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Is OPPO Cyanogen’s Secret Hardware Partner?

Is OPPO Cyanogen’s Secret Hardware Partner?

Steve Kondik and company announced earlier this week that the CyanogenMod ROM has been incorporated into Cyanogen Inc, with the aim of strengthening the pseudo-platform and reaching more users. Since the first announcement Cyanogen has been teasing one major hardware partner, and it looks like that has been revealed. Observe the teaser trailer from Chinese manufacturer Oppo for the upcoming N1 smartphone, below:

Mr. Kondik didn’t say as much, but the brief video is a pretty clear indication that the upcoming Oppo N1 phone will run the CyanogenMod ROM in some form or fashion. Whether that’s as default software, or as an optional “special edition” a la the Google Play Editions of the Galaxy S4 and HTC One, or simply a manufacturer-sanctioned build of CyanogenMod, we couldn’t say. But something’s definitely coming, and this seems like a definite implication that Oppo is Cyanogen’s first OEM partner. The video description reads, “OPPO + CyanogenMod = ?”

Oppo has been teasing the upcoming N1 flagship device, and at least one major leak shows some pretty drool-worthy hardware if nothing else. Oppo still doesn’t have much of a presence outside of Asia, but the company has already been making waves among Android power users for cheap, powerful hardware, which is why many had guessed the manufacturer was Cyanogen’s silent partner. A joint effort with the newly-incorporated ROM developers could only improve things.

If OPPO is Cyanogen’s partner then they are going to do amazing. I can’t wait to see what happens. OPPO makes amazing hardware and Cyanogen is just awesome. This is going to be a great combo. Are you looking forward to this? Let me know in the comments! 


Originally appeared on Android Police 

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