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Why I Hate Fanboys

Why I Hate Fanboys

I hate fanboys. There is no other way to say it. Seriously, they get on my last nerve. I’m not just talking about Apple fanboys. I talking to you to Android fanboys. Even you get on my nerves sometimes. Doesn’t it get old after a while? I’ll admit that I enjoy a good Apple pun now and then, but only when I expect it. If I’m reading an article on a website that is supposed to cover both Android and Apple products, I don’t want to see joke like this.

At the same time, I used to be a little of a fanboy for Android, but now I’m not. I’ve used both systems and even though I personally use and prefer Android, I can still compare the two without cracking jokes like that one above. 

Apple Fanboys

They are the most well-known, and most hated. Apple fanboys can be a little nuts. They go insane if you do anything that might disrespect their almighty iDevices. I have high respect for both Apple, their operating system, and the late Steve Jobs, but seriously, I think that their fans have gone a little far. Apple is a cult. They have people who wait in line for days on end for a phone. People, it’s a phone, and it’s not like its the only one in the world. I’m not even talking about the people who wait in line just for the fun of it, or because they have a job that requires that they have the device the day it is released, or even just because they have the time and money to do so. That I completely understand. It’s the people who spend $800 on the new device when they can’t afford to do this and even go as far as taking off of their jobs to do it. These are the same people who are willing to do whatever it takes to get these devices. Some of these people are actually so obsessed that they are willing to sell family treasures and even vital organs just to buy their Apple products. Guys, seriously, enough is enough. I’ll agree with you that Apple makes amazing hardware and their software is one of the best out there, but I just have one question for you. Is it worth it? Ask yourself that before you go and sell a kidney to buy the next iPad.

Android Fanboys


While they are a little less common, they are still out there. Android fanboys can be pretty vicious too. I think the worst part about Apple fanboys is the denial. They know that iOS is lacking serious in many areas, but they ignore it and then go and bring up every little flaw in the competition. The thing about Android fanboys is that they respond to the criticism. They know that the fanboys are partly right and partly wrong. Instead of responding nicely and helping the person out, they jump on them and their OS. For example, several months ago I witnessed something horrible, a fanboy brawl on Google+. Now for those of you who don’t know, Google+ is primarily an Android fanboys social network of choice. I saw a person who for some reason decided to post in an Android Community that he had purchased an Xperia Z smartphone after using an iPhone for years. If he had left it there he would have been fine. But no, of course not. He goes on to say that he is shocked at how horrible the apps available in Google Play are and when asked which apps he brings up completely random apps to prove his point. This let on to a 56 comment blood bath. Android fanboys came in and put him down like crazy. It was horrible. From the point of view of him I saw how people from Apple’s side saw Android fanboys. Apple fanboys see Android fanboys the same way. I’m glad that I can now say that I no longer see things from only Android’s point of view and can see what the two sides really look like.

I think the true proof that people can change is Guy Kawasaki. Once an Apple legend, and fanatic, switched completely to Android. He took a leap and continues down the new role. The same goes for Steve Wozniak. He helped found Apple but admits that he loves Android too. This shows that people can change. So if you are using an iPhone, go try Android. If you are using Android, go try an iPhone. Even if you’ve already done this in the past, give it another shot! Things have drastically changed over the past couple years from both sides. iOS  has a brand-new look and Android has become much more stable, smooth, and easy to use. Point is that you don’t have to have a specific side. Just use what works best for you. For me personally it’s Android. I want to make my phone feel the way I want and be able to customize it. I want my phone to be different from the rest. But if you are someone who is OK using iOS with it’s simplicity and organization, by all means, use it! I’ve used it on numerous occasions and admittedly I do like the simplicity it offers and the hardware is amazing. If I was able to run Android on the iPhone 5 I would do it! I try to write unbiasedly and I really want fanboys to stop doing what they do. Everyone here at iTechTriad was a fanboy at one point, but we have put it aside and decided to look at technology as a whole instead of just deciding on our favorite and letting other options suffer because of it. Do you agree with me that fanboys need to stop? If you do, share this article on your social networks with your friends and add #thisendshere and tag iTechTriad. We will retweet and reshare some of the posts we see with that tag.

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