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3 Things To Do Before You Install iOS 7 Tomorrow

3 Things To Do Before You Install iOS 7 Tomorrow

Step 1: Backup Your Device

This is very important because when installing on your iOS device there is always the chance that something goes wrong…. You want to make sure that all your vital info is saved so that there is no chance in losing it!

Step 2 Restore Device Instead of Update. 

This is more of a personal opinion but I always seem to have less issues when restoring to iOS 7 then updating. WHEN YOU RESTORE YOU WILL HAVE EVERYTHING ERASED UNLESS YOU MAKE A BACKUP.

Step 3. Have Time on Your Hands.

Trust me when i say this….. You will want to have at least 30-45 mins of free time available. I can even explain how many times i have thought that i could have it done in 10-15 mins and find myself having to wait even longer. Don’t rush it, I personally know that one can get excited especially for a Apple iOS update but don’t worry iOS 7 wont be going anywhere. Be sure that you have plenty of time on your hands before you begin the upgrade process. 

So if you follow these 3 very simple steps you will have a smooth sail as it comes to installing iOS 7. iOS 7 should start rolling out to users between 10:00 AM- 1:00 PM PT. So are you excited for iOS 7? Leave a comment below and let us know!


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