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Bing Gets A New Logo and Design to take on Google

Bing Gets A New Logo and Design to take on Google

Microsoft’s Bing search engine is getting a new look. A year in the making, Bing is dropping its curly blue logo for a modern design that closely matches the rest of Microsoft’s recently redesigned product branding. Microsoft has selected an orange Bing logo that’s almost golden in its appearance. The color is actually the same one used in a quadrant of Microsoft’s corporate flag logo. 

The site will also be getting a major overhaul to be more “touch responsive” for tablets and phones. The “daily image” will still serve as the entry point. One of the bigger changes is known as “Page Zero”. Page Zero pops up as you type in the search bar on Bing, and if you’re searching for two similarly named people then it allows you to identify the correct subject of your search before the results are listed. Most of the design changes are subtle, but Microsoft is testing more radical overhauls of the search results layout.  A new coat of paint might not be enough to tempt users away from Google, but Microsoft is hoping its approach of partnering with web services and creating a platform for third-party developers, and even its own products, to integrate Bing functionality will serve it well for the future.

Do you think this new Bing design has the potential to give them an edge on Google? Let me know in the comments!


Article Originally Appeared on The Verge 

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