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Top 5 Reasons Nintendo Will Never be Forgotten

Top 5 Reasons Nintendo Will Never be Forgotten

Even though the Wii U is struggling i still believe that Nintendo will never be forgotten and never will die, what I am talking about today is 5 reasons that will never happen. Keep in mind, this is completely my own personal opinion.


1. Gaming today

In the early 1980’s video games were dying, until Nintendo released a game for the Nintendo Entertainment System: Super Mario Bros. This game brought gaming back from the dead and showed everyone two things: how to make a good platformer, and that Nintendo was a force to be  reckoned with.

2. Sony

Even with Sony’s rivalry with Nintendo, Nintendo was the reason that Sony (like many other companies) are making games and consoles today. To put the story into a basic form, Nintendo and Sony were making a CD console together, things crashed and burned and Sony left Nintendo to make their own video game console. Today some of Sony’s new games and features fall in line with that of Nintendo’s.

3. The Blue Blur

I am a huge fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, and one of the main reasons I like Nintendo is because like other big gaming icons, Nintendo is responsible for them. Many of them were made to compete with Mario and to take market share from Nintendo, but in some cases like Sonic, they didn’t work and Nintendo actually managed to make that franchise even better in the end.

4. Innovation

Besides basically saving video games, Nintendo has made great software and hardware. Motion controls (which both Sony and Xbox copied), and the Wii Balance Board. Using the two together you can use them as a baseball bat, tennis racket, skate board, skis, and much more.


Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros.

5. Gameplay vs. Graphics

Nintendo makes great games with decent graphics. I don’t see a lot of people giving Nintendo credit for their graphics on the Wii. The Wii was around between the PlayStation 2 and the PlayStation 3. The graphics the Wii is capable of fits the time in which it was made. What I don’t get about this is that to me graphics are more of an additional feature. Like I said before. Nintendo showed everyone how to make a good game with Super Mario Bros. even without great graphics, And everyone loved it! I think they carry on that trend today.


P.S. This is my own personal opinion so please don’t get mad because you disagree with me, I’m talking about you Sony and Xbox fanboys who are about to send a 5,000 word email to iTechTriad. I don’t know why i’m saying this because it won’t make a difference. You guys are still gonna spam the comments. Oh gosh there’s an army of Sony and Xbox fanboys at my door…


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