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The Next Nexus

The Next Nexus

The questions always asked are who’s going to make it, what will the specs be, and much more. Well, it’s time to start asking again.

The Nexus line has always been an exciting line of devices to look forward to for a number of reasons. First of all, it’s pure Android. You just can’t beat that. Second, directly from Google and they do the right thing and keep the price cheap. Third, who will manufacture it since its been different most times? So let’s go ahead and cover these 3.


1 – Pure Android

It’s going to have pure Android. The main question though, is which version. A new Nexus always goes with a new Android version. With the Galaxy Nexus we saw Ice Cream Sandwich, with the Nexus 7, Jelly Bean. So what will we see with the New Nexus phone? It’s obvious now that it will ship with 4.4 KitKat.

2 – Price

Nexus devices have had a good reputation with price points. The Nexus tablets have very low prices for their respective classes, and the Nexus 4’s price is unmatched with the amazing specs. I’d love to see this continue on with both the next Nexus phone and tablet.

3 – Manufacturer

One of the great things about Nexus devices is that they aren’t always made by the same manufacturer. Since the first Nexus device we have seen phone and tablets from HTC, Samsung, Asus, and LG. Each of the devices made by these respective companies has been just great. Right now the rumors point toward LG having another go, and the recent leak nearly confirms that. 

So what do you think the next Nexus phone will bring to the table? Personally I’m hoping for KitKat, a similar price to the Nexus 4, and manufacturing by Motorola. But what do you think? What price would it have to be for you to buy? Let me know in the comments!


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Ben Schoon

Ben is a tech geek who co-founded YourTechExplained in 2016. Constantly switching between devices that literally surround him, he can be found reviewing the latest smartphones around the web.