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OTON Gaming Console What is it?

OTON Gaming Console What is it?
OTON in Black.

OTON in Black.

OTON Gaming console…What is it? What will it bring? What does it do? What will it support? Let me answer those questions for you. “OTON will be the first smart mechanized autonomous game console”. Autonomous means that you can actually create your own games on the console itself.

Will it compete with the other gaming console? Of course not but it’s a start, every console has to start somewhere.

Here’s what OTON will bring (SPECS)


– Autonomous Operating System

– Quad-core (4 + 1 power-saving core) Four CPU cores are built in the ARM Cortex-A9

– micro-architecture, and are clocked at 1.2 MHz

– 1-HDMI 1.4a display output supporting digital resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 pixels

– 3-USB 2.0 (Two Standard A, one micro-USB)

– 1-Ethernet port

– Stereo analog and multi-channel digital (SPDIF)(3 port channel)


– No optical disc drive


– OTON Cloud Storage (2 GB storage free)

– USB storage device

– 16 GB Flash Storage


– 2-SD card slots (Front)


– 205 mm or 8.07 inches (8in x 8in) (L x W)

– 53 mm or 2.08 inches high


– Wifi 802.11a/b/g/n

– 2.4 GHz wireless


– Sync with certified OTON tablet, mobile, PC and console devices

What can the OTON do? The OTON will be able to self-create games instantly within minutes without human input. No drag or drop requirements, “Do you want to play a new 2D or 3D action game instantly? OTON has you covered! How about a new racing game? Or a new 3D alien shooter game? No problem, OTON can do it! And, the best thing about OTON is that all OTON games are 100% free! Imagine every single day you can play a new exclusive EnGeniux OTON game free of charge”, as said on their website ( This gaming system can do a lot of things that the bigger gaming consoles can’t do. As a gamer, I wouldn’t pick this console up but seeing the potential it has it kinda makes me want to think twice, the OTON has Rear Projection Camera that allows you to project your games on any surface, which is pretty insane if you ask me! OTON can become a great gaming console or as they put it, it “will be the first smart mechanized autonomous game console”. OTON has a lot to offer, so as a gamer I need to try out this console! I will be definitely picking one of these up to test it out. It has so many new and unique things and that’s what brings the excitement! So, OTON gaming console, the next big gaming console? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

OTON W/Controller

OTON W/Controller

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