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WWDC Recap

WWDC Recap
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WWDC 2013

At this years World Wide Developers Conference we saw many new exciting things coming from Apple this year. One of the biggest highlights in the event was the reveal of iOS 7, the latest installment of iOS. In this new operating system apple was going for something entirely new yet familiar at the same time, and I think they succeeded. Some of the new features that I personally enjoyed was the new airdrop feature. It’s about time that Apple gave iPhone something to compete with the latest technology from rivals such as Samsungs S Beam and Android Beam.


Another exciting announcement was OS X Mavericks. Its also the first installment that isn’t named after some sort of feline, which is a good thing. In that announcement we saw some interesting new features like iBooks for Mac and also Apple branded Maps for OS X. Apple also took the opportunity to announce the revival of their Mac Pro line, and what a machine. Not only is it the first of its kind introducing a cylinder based design, the technology behind it far surpasses any Mac or PC on the market today. 

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